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The world’s only matchmaker & wedding planer for your private & business commitments


Even though Susan is passionate and devoted to be cupid, she has found that her second jobs actually aid their match-making capabilities. She feels it gives her a unique edge which other match-makers don’t possess, and her clients recognise and appreciate this.





Matchmaker / Wedding  Planner 

Susan was born to make connections – be that socially or in the corporate world.


She just seems to have this natural ability and she strives for perfection and success in everything she puts her mind and heart to. A former executive of a multinational company with mergers and acquisition's engagement, she had the perfect platform to hone her natural instincts and develop her analytical and people skills, as well as her English and German language. In such an intense and high-stakes environment, she also learned the value of confidentiality and job ethic.


Meanwhile, after casually matching seven happy couples in her social circle, Susan realized she had a gift and decided to try to bring long-term happiness to even more couples. She founded the first ever destination wedding planning company for international and Chinese couples in Germany. Her clients have noted her two jobs are in themselves a “match made in heaven” and have described Susan as a “magician” who makes things happen.

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