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Diamond Earrings
Welcome Ladies! 

​The male clients āmasian Match choose to work with are amazing and successful professionals. We search for charming, cultured and committed professional women who are potential matches for them regarding the private serious match. Women only become official members after they’ve been vetted and interviewed.  

•    Submit your application online

Application fee

* You will only be charged if you are accepted by S&S. 

(VAT are not included)

Pre-Interview Screening



 ( Anything else you wanna share or specify,what makes you you ;or anything S&S should be fully aware and pay attention to )

Your Photos

(providing valid solo head and body shots with no hats,no sunglasses ,no filters, otherwise the information entered may be lost)

Head Shot

Body Shot

Important Notes/Instructions:

You will be required to pre-process a one-time registration fee of €15.00. You will only be charged if you are accepted into āmasian Match's Love Planet . This way, you can stay in touch with S&S via their emails. Please make sure to whitelist the email address and change your settings so the emails do not go into spam.

Please submit your photos to:

Success! Message received.

• Schedule an in person interview with one of the following two options

Group interview
One on One interview

* One-Time Non-Refundable Consultation Fee

(VAT are not included) 

  • We make introductions only when if we find you are a perfect match for our male clients

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